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This is selin

an Istanbul-born, UK-raised multi-lingual indie-pop artist.

best vocals in Turkey at 15

trained in BIMM London at 18

signed with Warner Music at 22

In 2023, currently in London city

Multi-lingual, global music

Writing albums in both Turkish and English, Selin celebrates the complexities of both languages and explores the cultural diversity from her life experiences.

Musicals, Jazz, Rock, R&B

Introduced to music with Pink Floyd at a young age, Selin grew up in a household full of music. Exploring everything from musicals to jazz over the years, Selin has collected her colours across genres to paint unique pieces of her own today.

A life between Northern Ireland,
and United Kingdom

Growing up in Belfast, then İstanbul, and studying in London, Selin transcends borders and challenges linguistic expression through her music.

Collaborating internationally

Having toured and released songs with many artists such as Mahmut Orhan, Donna Missal, Sertab Erener, and Roxen, Selin continues to collaborate with artists all across the world.

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